Access Digital Assets Through Risk-Managed Solutions

We offer a suite of quantitative strategies that provide hedged exposure to digital assets via professional volatility trading.

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Customizable Strategies and White Glove Service Tailored for Institutions

Institutions have specific needs and requirements. Our VIP team helps institutions navigate onboarding, funding, transaction execution, and trade management on a step-by-step basis.

Having worked at top asset management firms, and having lived through the downturns in 2000, 2008, and 2018, our team has a deep appreciation for risk management. Drawing from our options market making and volatility trading expertise, we have constructed a set of unique, blockchain-based quantitative strategies that allow investors to passively benefit from the rewards of professional volatility trading.

Example: Harvest

Backtest (Aug ‘21 – Aug ‘22)

Cumulative P&L with Confidence Bands

Average Yield ~78%

Net of fees. Assumes 0.03% platform fee and 1% annual infrastructure fee. Represents the quantiles and the average of the cumulative P&L distributions at each instant.

Professional Volatility Trading for Digital Assets

  • Liquidity provision structure to profit from implied and realized volatility
  • No active options trading necessary
  • No counterparty risk – fully collateralized
  • No multiyear lockup – daily and weekly withdrawals

Flexible Investing

  • Customize solutions in line with your market opinion and risk tolerance
  • Invest in short volatility strategies to generate passive yield over a longer time frame
  • Invest in long volatility strategies to tactically express a short-term directional view

Diverse Volatility and Risk Exposures

  • Long or short volatility exposure within each strategy
  • Low to high risk across a suite of strategies
  • Customizable solutions

Access Hard To Reach Digital Assets as Underliers

  • Can be linked to any digital asset
  • Underlying digital asset can be different from the investment token

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