Complete Crypto Options Solutions

Fully Collateralized

Zero bid-ask spreads

Industry leading liquidity

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For TradersFor Traders
For Liquidity ProvidersFor LPs
Best in class liquidity: Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that supports 10x+ more pre-trade liquidity than a traditional exchange
No extra fees: Save time and funds when you want to make multi-leg trades
Lightning Fast: DeVol is powered by Solana, providing a seamless trading experience
Passive farming: Generate yield on your assets without needing to pick specific strikes or engage in active options trading
Unique cross collateralized pool system: Participate in market making across all strikes, offering capital efficiency
No long term lockup: Flexible deposits and transfers

What makes it work?

Options traders are connected with liquidity providers automatically without market makers.

Options are repriced using supply, demand, and volatility data.

Volatility risk is transformed into fixed strike options.

Options are naturally cross-collateralized and granular. Each liquidity pool supports a large range of strikes.