Complete Crypto Options Solutions

Unlock the power of institutional-grade DeFi with on-chain trading, quantitative strategies, and advanced analytics.

An Ecosystem for Trading Options and Volatility Powered by a Breakthrough Automated Market Maker (AMM)

DeVol is the only complete solution for low-cost, fully on-chain crypto options trading and democratized liquidity provisioning.

  • Form a market opinion
  • Execute trades
  • Analyze strategies pre and post execution
  • Understand and manage risk

All in one place


Trade crypto options on a platform powered by an Automated Market Maker (AMM) with on-chain price discovery, decentralized liquidity provisioning, full collateralization, and no bid-ask spreads.

Advanced Trading Capabilities

Access industry leading liquidity across all strikes
with on-chain pricing and settlement that allows for transparency and lower fees.

  • No bid-ask spread
  • Fully collateralized
  • Minimum of 95 granular strikes
  • Execute multi-leg trades in a single order

Generate Yield from Market Making

Provide liquidity for options on an even playing field and earn passive yield.

  • Capital efficient for liquidity providers
  • No active trading necessary
  • Automatically supply capital as
    collateral across all strikes

Quantitative Strategies

Generate yield from crypto asset volatility
with a suite of automated, risk-managed strategies.
No need for manual trading and delta hedging
Harvest the volatility risk premium like a professional trader
Tactical, passive and customized strategies


Empower your decisions with AI-based analytics
to research, execute, and monitor trades.
Access real time data and statistical tools
Customize graphs and indicators for cross-asset comparisons
View order books from multiple exchanges and spot arbitrage opportunities
Build strategies informed by statistics & machine learning 
Backtest strategy performance with historical data
Review historical data and define profit zones


Partner or trade directly with the most capital efficient protocol, platform, and strategies in DeFi.
Participate as a liquidity provider or in quantitative strategies
Delta and gamma hedging support
Work directly with our team of experts to develop customized DeFi solutions for your clients


Build with confidence on the most resilient options protocol in DeFi. Brought to you by former product managers and engineers from the world’s largest TradFi institutions including JP Morgan, Blackrock, and Nomura.
10x pre-trade capital efficiency
Fully collateralized with no trading counterparty risk
99.99% uptime
Easy to integrate
Dedicated support team