Enabling More Effective Risk Transfer in DeFi for Builders 

The DeVol protocol is an on-chain, Automated Market Making (AMM) solution that enables decentralized liquidity, full collateralization, high yields, and no trading counterparty risk. User-facing apps can connect to the protocol and easily create new marketplaces, yield products, and more.

Become a DeVol Network partner to build your own network and customize for your jurisdiction, or build directly on the protocol as a developer.

Benefits of The DeVol Protocol

Full Collateralization
Every position is backed by funds locked on-chain in the liquidity pool which eliminates counterparty credit risk.
Low Fees
No bid-ask spread. Multi-leg trades executed atomically (no leg risk), for a single fee.
Improved liquidity conditions
Liquidity driven by the amount of capital in the pool, rather than resting orders by market making firms. High number of strikes per expiration, all sharing liquidity from a single pool.
Capital efficiency for liquidity provision
Unrealistic parts of the distribution are excluded, still covering over 99% of price fluctuations for the underlier.
Organic on-chain pricing
Real-time price transparency based on supply and demand with liquidity providers protected via a sophisticated price impact function.
Reduced Negative Selection
Liquidity takers are guaranteed a size for their trade and pricing is deterministic.

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