DeVol offers several partnerships opportunities.
Benefit from our customized solutions as an institution
Become a DeVol Network partner to build your own network and customize for your jurisdiction
Build directly on the protocol as a developer
Refer friends and earn a commission

Refer Friends

Earn Up to a 25% Commission on Trading Fees
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With the DeVol Referral program there are two ways to earn rewards:

  • Earn rewards when users sign up with your referral link.
  • Earn rewards when using a referral link.
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Institutional adoption requires proper risk management. DeVol’s risk paradigm offers complete collateralization, fully auditable transparency, zero trading counterparty risk, and the ability to liquidate assets via the blockchain.


The DeVol protocol is a decentralized smart contract engine that provides a breakthrough Automated Market Making (AMM) crypto options trading solution and on-chain pricing model.