The DeVol Platform is Powered by a Breakthrough Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Existing crypto options exchanges have many limitations. Liquidity is concentrated at-the-money or fragmented across different strikes and expirations, bid-ask spreads are wide, and traders are subject to counterparty risk. 

The DeVol platform, powered by an Automated Market Maker (AMM) with on-chain price discovery and decentralized liquidity provisioning, eliminates these friction points. DeVol gives traders and liquidity providers access to something more efficient and transparent than what currently exists on any centralized or decentralized exchange.

Why Trade on

Trade Crypto Options Manually or Via Automated Strategies
No Bid-Ask Spread
Buy or sell a large range of strikes with no bid-ask spread.
Deep Liquidity
Enter and exit trades at any time before expiration with no order book or market makers. Deterministic pricing via the Automated Market Maker (AMM) minimizes the risk of negative selection for traders. 
Low Fees
One flat transaction fee of 0.3% on the maximum potential profit & loss of each trade, regardless of the number of legs in a trade.
Seamless Trading
European options with crypto underliers, settled in stablecoins. Easily create and execute multi-leg orders as a single transaction.
No Counterparty Risk
All option payoffs are fully collateralized with funds locked up in smart contracts. Subject to smart contacts and the underlying blockchain operating as intended.

Passively Generate Yield as a Liquidity Provider

Provide capital to support liquidity for options across all strikes
Earn up to 100% of
trading fees
Liquidity providers are protected via a sophisticated impact function
No active trading required
Able to support any underlier and base cryptocurrency
Generate yield with automated market making