Risk Disclosure Statement

Last updated: December 21, 2022


This risk disclosure statement does not disclose all of the risks and other significant aspects of trading in cryptocurrency options. In light of the risks, you should consider the following points before engaging in any trading strategy.

Trading can be extremely risky. Trading generally is not appropriate for someone of limited resources and limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance. You should be prepared to lose all of the assets that you use for trading.  Unpredictable prices fluctuations may result in the increase or decrease of the value of your assets at any given moment or result in a total loss of assets.

Be cautious of claims of large profits from trading. You should be wary of advertisements or other statements that emphasize the potential for large trading profits. Trading can also lead to large and immediate financial losses.

Trading requires knowledge. Trading requires in-depth knowledge of the markets and trading techniques and strategies. You should undertake such transactions only if you understand the nature of cryptocurrencies and the options strategies into which you are entering and the extent of your exposure to risk. In attempting to profit through trading, you must compete with both lay and professional traders.

Trading requires knowledge of a firm’s operations.  Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position quickly or at a reasonable price. This can occur, for example, when the market suddenly drops, or if trading is halted due to recent news events or unusual trading activity. The more volatile an asset is, the greater the likelihood that problems may be encountered in executing a transaction. In addition to normal market risks, you may experience losses due to system failures. Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, there can be situations where DeVol would decide to close contracts prematurely to maintain the integrity of the platform. Users of the platform are assumed to understand those risks.

Trading requires knowledge Cryptocurrency.  Trading cryptocurrencies also has special risks. Cryptocurrencies are backed by technology and trust. There is no central bank that can take corrective measures to protect the value of cryptocurrencies in a crisis or issue more currency. Traders put their trust in a digital, decentralized and partially anonymous system that relies on peer-to-peer networking and cryptography to maintain its integrity. Cryptocurrency trading is susceptible to irrational bubbles or loss of confidence, which could cause a collapse in demand relative to supply.

Trading will generate commissions. Generally you will pay a fee on each trade. The total daily fees that you pay on your trades will add to your losses or reduce your earnings.