Best-in-Class Volatility Analytics to Support Decision Making and Trade Execution

Crypto traders now have access to reliable data, real-time market insights, and actionable information to understand option pricing, volatility, and risk metrics.
Live Market Analytics
Actionable insights from real time market data. Analyze potential trading strategies based on market conditions and sophisticated analytics to understand option pricing, volatility, risk metrics.
Customizable Graphs
Guide your decision with advanced customizable graphs supporting cross-asset comparisons. Analyze customizable indicators for skew structure, term structure, and the volatility risk premium. 
Strategy Backtesting
Compare performance of a suite of products and strategies with historical backtests.
Risk Management
Understand potential gains and losses of live trades, and the impact of different hedging strategies.
Advanced Statistical Tools
Leverage advanced statistics and machine learning techniques like embeddings and dimensionality reduction.
Spot Arbitrage Opportunities
Use the Options Scanner to spot real-time arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges.

Comparison Matrix

DeVol Analytics
Other Solutions
Basic spot and volatility charts
Customizable charts and indicators for cross-asset volatility comparisons
View order books from multiple exchanges and spot arbitrage opportunities
Risk management tools to understand potential gains and losses
Build strategies informed by statistics & machine learning
Run and compare historical backtests for various strategies
As of July 2023