Leading the Way in Institutional Services: Your Trusted Partner for Digital Asset Solutions

DeVol’s breakthrough risk paradigm offers complete collateralization, fully auditable transparency, zero trading counterparty risk, and the ability to liquidate assets via the blockchain.

The DeVol trading architecture can deliver innovative solutions for issuing on-chain structured strategies designed for institutional investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Reach out to the team to discuss option strategies that can be customized to meet your client’s risk tolerance and investment goals.

Benefits of Partnering with DeVol

No Active Trading Required
Payoffs can be accessed without directly holding spot assets or actively trading.
Customizable Payoffs
Issuers can customize for any desirable structured payoff, including exotics & barrier options.
Flexible Payoffs
Payoffs can be linked to any token and denominated in any crypto base currency.
On-Chain Pricing
Fully on-chain pricing, execution, and settlement.
Fully Collateralized
No trading counterparty risk due to fully collateralized payoffs.

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